Heaven, Earth, and the Ten Thousand Things is landmark visual story of Islam in China by internationally acclaimed photographer Peter Sanders.

Organized by Michael Sugich

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The project has taken 25 years to bring to fruition. 

Over a period of twelve years, internationally acclaimed photographer Peter Sanders travelled throughout China to capture images of Chinese Muslims and their unique spiritual culture, which began only sixty years after Hijra, when Saad ibn Abi Waqqas and other Companions of the Messenger of God settled in this majestic land at the invitation of the Tang Emperor. Between 2000 and 2012 Peter made four journeys across China from East to West, from North to South and captured the great diversity and beauty of an indigenous civilization that is under threat from the modernization and secularization of Chinese society. Heaven, Earth & The Ten Thousand Things, an expression referring to the Way of Islam, is the title of the most comprehensive photo-essay ever produced on Chinese Islamic civilization and Peter’s latest masterpiece. Our aim is to launch the book at the Bradford Literature Festival by mid-2024 but we urgently need your help to cover design, production, and printing costs.

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We are heartfully indebted to Chris Blauvelt, his team at LaunchGood and all the volunteers for their continued support and for also giving hope to so many people globally. Also, our deepest thanks and gratitude to family, friends and well-wishers who have supported this project and brought it to fruition:

Aaqib Ahmed, in memory of our beloved mum Khadija Vally (may God have Mercy on her soul), who was fascinated by Muslims in China and would have loved to be part of this work, Abu Salem, The Abbas family, Chris AR Blauvelt, Adeel Nawaz and Afifa Ahmad, Shoeb Qadri, Faruk Sari, Peter Gould, Perveen Hussain, Fatima Hussain, Omman Hussain, Matilda Oppenheimer, Weihan Li, Addison McTague, Nadeem Malik, Usman Afzal, AK, Rashida Apabhai, Sabah Hina Ali Akbar, Zaid Ahmed, Noori Mahdi, Nouh and Isra, Zameer Ahmed Shah, Abu Shafquat, Charles Saha, Omar Khawaja, Muhammad Farid Imansyah, Peter Matthews Wright and family, Muhammad Faiz Bin Ajum Piperdy, Sajjid Hossain, Nazia Nusrat Khan, Amir Hussain and Joan Becker, Juan Carlos Garcia, Husna Sheriff, Saira Ali, Abdullah Ramay, Suede Edwards, Waseem Mahmood, Sidra Mushtaq, Lina Hashem, Salahuddin Yasin Akeel, Mehboob Hussain, In loving memory of Sawsan Azzam, Asif Shaffiq, Umar, Amaal, our parents and family, Nadege Haddad, Faisal Mirza and family, estate of Abdul Bashar Muhammad Saleh and Razia Khatun, Mohammed Z Apabhai, F.I.Hafejee, Ali Hussain, Jabrane Iguider, Bardolf Paul, Ammar Hassri, Samar Farooq, Farah Hameed, Nazia Khan, Mahvash Fahd, Fardeem Munir, Rizwan, Nadia, Zayn, Mariya and Dalia Bajwa, Mali Nuh and Kairo Isa Fellah, Mehdi Zemzem.

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Please help Peter Sanders bring his landmark visual story of Islam in China to completion

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