The ‘Art of Integration’ is a graceful and visually poetic reminder that Muslims have been a part of British life for well over a century and have made and continue to make an important contribution to the United Kingdom’s rich cultural diversity. Contrary to the headlines and editorializing, the vast majority of Muslims live peacefully and productively in Britain and many have significantly enriched the intellectual and cultural landscape of this great island nation.

Michael Sugich

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Peter Sanders’ work shows in a marvellously visual way, the outstanding contribution that Britain’s Muslim community have made to the richness and diversity of our national culture.

This book also shows with great clarity how our human spirit simultaneously embraces both faith and nationality; there is no inherent contradiction between the two. It reminds us that, among the faiths practised in modern Britain, the Abrahamic faiths of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are born of a common root and that there is more that unites us than divides us.

The title of this book could scarcely be more apt. Integration is, indeed, an art: something of great beauty which is to be treasured and at which, with application, the human spirit can excel.

HM King Charles III